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The fastest, easiest way to lose weight

Plus how to keep it off! Trust me, it’s far simpler than you might think. Finally you’ll get to enjoy great tasting foods without guilt. Learn to control those once-irrepressible urges, instead of food controlling you. Find out how to bounce back to "normal" after overindulging during the holidays or after returning from vacation. With this report, you’ll get all the answers you need to look and feel great again in no time!

Making lifelong personal connections

Including with your "ultimate" soul mate. Find out how to give AND RECEIVE love, make new friends, and choose meaningful, uplifting relationships rather than ones that cause you unhappiness. Hint: it starts from within. But the power and pleasure this knowledge delivers—throughout your lifetime—will be, oh, so satisfying and provide you with great peace and fulfillment!

Improve your immune system

So you can fight colds, allergies, even cancers via "natural" means and before they even start. These are proven treatments and remedies from the greatest medical minds and medical centers throughout the world. Some date back to ancient cultures and have withstood the test of time. Others are recent innovations and incredible breakthroughs in East/West medicines and natural healing that have yet to be announced to the world. Now you can learn about all of the best ones here first!

Live longer and look and feel younger

Boost your sex drive and performance…overcome depression… gain a positive, new perspective that lets you ENJOY LIFE! EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE! DURING EVERY AGE OF YOUR LIFE! It’s now within your grasp—with the secret "holistic" strategies and "alternative" approaches to health and healing that are about to be revealed to you.

How to become the CEO of your own health

Choose a Primary Care Physician and other Care Providers you’re compatible with and who can work best with you! Discover how to manage all of your daily activities to maintain your health and recover your energy and vitality. Find out the most critical questions to ask your doctors and health care professionals. Provide yourself with every means to boost your personal "bottom line"—your health and longevity.

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Introducing: The Dynamic Health Report

Your monthly newsletter and complete health system for a more active, healthy and fulfilling life!

The Dynamic Health Report is a monthly newsletter that is jam-packed with insightful thinking, probing research and in-depth advice from recognized leaders in medicine, health care, nutrition, exercise and fitness training, personal coaching and more in every issue.

Our panel of experts scours the globe from to East to West and back again to find "proven" therapies and remedies—many of which may be obscure, forgotten or have just been introduced.

Others are long-standing or well-known treatments that our panel still wants you to know about, but with specific application to our "holistic" approach and style.

Just as important, they’ll give you clues and tips into cutting expenses, for example, by minimizing your medication dosages.

Every issue is delivered via First-Class Mail to your home or office on or around the first of each month. You can also access each issue—plus a complete archive of issues—immediately online by just typing in your own username and password, that we will immediately provide for you.

You can refer back to articles that are of particular importance to you 24/7!

Written in plain English, The Dynamic Health Report takes complex topics and medical jargon and transforms it into easy and useful advice for you to digest and act on. With simple, step-by-step instructions on exactly what you must do to improve your health—body, mind and spirit.

Forget about having to go out and get your medical degree in your spare time, Dynamic Health Report makes the sublime, simple—with easy to follow terms and instruction.

Here’s a tiny sampling of what some articles recently revealed to readers:

  • Inexpensive, "natural" anti-aging remedies to remove those unwanted "worry" lines and put suppleness back into your skin. Now the years will melt away from your appearance. Ladies, don’t be shocked if you hear whistles again. And men, you’ll know you’re looking great when the ladies start whistling back!
  • Diabetes? – GONE! Hypertension? – GONE! Heart disease? – GONE! Back pain and headaches? – GONE and GONE AGAIN! You may think this is too incredible to be true, but I can assure you, there are cures available right now for many of the most severe ailments, and that can now be removed from our list of concerns…and FAST!
  • Start making plans for "the BIG dance" or take on your long-time tennis nemesis again. Because now—with the help of Dynamic Health Report—that knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, foot/plantar fasciitis pain, in fact, ALL aches and pains can be a thing of the past.
  • Spending a fortune on Erectile Dysfunction treatments? Close that check book now! Dynamic Health Report will show you safe ways to boost your hormone levels—and your sex drive!—the natural way, regardless of whether, for you, ED is real or—like many men—simply perceived.
  • Discover safe, alternative treatment methods that will get you feeling like the old you, no, make that the "new" you again! Women can finally escape those hot flashes and men can make those man-boobs disappear!
  • Think cooking and eating "healthy" just doesn’t taste good? Think again. Regularly you’ll receive dozens of recipes for exciting and tasty dishes that will slim you down, and that your family will love!

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Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

A well-trained and experienced family physician, Dr Zen-Jay combines traditional Western medicine with ancient Asian wisdom. His writing provides helpful and useful suggestions for a healthy and comfortable life.
Stephen H. Zinner, M.D.
Dr. Zen-Jay’s recommendations are largely evidence-based and widely applicable.
David Kuo, M.D.

Dynamic Health Report will simplify your life and help save you time and money.

In every issue, I promise to clue you into:

  • New, as well as, long-venerated treatments and remedies for the medical problems and issues that directly impact you.
  • Ways to look younger, feel better and live longer, happier and healthier!
  • A wealth of ideas, information, resources AND professional opinions—including from me, Dr. Zen-Jay Chuang—who will share with you everything we know about our specialties in so many ways that will benefit you for life!

We’ll be the additional eyes and ears into the world of medicine and health care that can augment and support you and your own doctor, and that enables you to make "informed" decisions about your health and the health of those you love.

Don’t forget, you’ll receive my complete "Bio-Dynamic Living Well Series" including these 7 Special Bonus Reports For $1.00!


How To Focus Your Senses and Really Experience Life


Defending Yourself Against America’s #1 Unknown Silent Killer!


Your Lifelong Pass Into "The Pleasure Zone"


Losing Weight and Keeping It Off—Forever!


How to Eliminate Pain, Reverse the Aging Process and Add Years to Your Life—With These 8 Easy Steps


Enjoy Eating and Keeping Healthier Throughout Your Lifetime


Bring the Light Back Into Your Life, Spring Out of Bed and Kick Toxic Influences to the Curb


The Secret of Achieving A Mind-Blowing Orgasm Revealed


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